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Our meetings are personalized, thereby offering you resources and tools adapted to your needs. They can take place at our office, at your home, or through videoconference.

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KLARTÉ helps companies differentiate themselves by the way they attract, reward, motivate and retain talent. How do they do this? With our New Program which helps  focusing on the personal dimensions of employees.

Our intervention approaches also include business coaching, mediation and conflict management support.

Career | Life

KLARTÉ helps the individual look further ahead in a period of uncertainty about his career, his development and his life.

Whether on a personal or professional level, whether it is the maintenance or the consolidation of your acquired skills, the development of strategies or adaptation techniques, the KLARTÉ approach allows you to reclaim power over your life.

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Francine Guinois, B.Sc., CRIA

Coach in Applied Neuroscience, Human Resources Professional, Hypnosis Practitioner, Holistic Kinesiology, Mediator

With more than 30 years of management and human relations experience, Francine Guinois is passionate by personal and professional development as well as all matters related to global health.

She can tailor her approach, helping and coaching leaders, managers and employees to be well-aligned and thus have an impact on teams and results while having a healthy lifestyle.

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Francine Guinois de Klarté

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