Allowing ourselves to be

authetically free raises our vibration

Klarté personalizes its approach by choosing the tools adapted to your needs. Our exchanges will allow you to choose the appropriate and effective tools to accompany you throughout your personal or professional transformation.

When you are on the right track, in keeping with your life goal, you feel it all over your body.

What is Psycho-anatomy?

Psychoanatomy is a synthesis of approaches to the decoding of the signs of life, the conscious and unconscious sources of ailments and dis-eases, as well as the feelings, thoughts, and emotions at the root of theses illnesses;

What are its benefits for you?

Multidimensional Hypnosis

We do not speak here of “fascination”, the kind of hypnosis that one sees in shows, but rather of a tool which serves as a guide, allows us to put into consciousness, to transform ourselves. Remembering who we are, remembering past experiences, resolving conflicts related to a memory we carry.

Regression hypnosis is a powerful technique that gives access to these memories to free crystallized emotions and memories in our cells.

Reprogramming hypnosis, on the other hand, is a therapeutic technique that allows us to:

The evils of the body are the words of the soul, so one should not seek to heal the body without seeking to heal the soul.

Energy work

We are not just physical material … We are made of energy.

If you delve deeply into the mechanics of energy, you would discover that everything is made of energy and that physical material is actually a projection of energy.

Since everything is made of energy, everything emits energy in one form or another.

It is through the Tianshi, which is a combination of reiki, tzifa, polarity and different energy approaches accompanied by your guides, that the harmonization of energy bodies/fields is done in order to provide a sense of well-being and lightness.

It is a simple and easy way to reconnect with your divine essence, the portion of yourself living in peace and thus improve your well-being and regain your full potential.

Crystal bed

The crystal bed is a device composed of seven quartz crystal gems pulsed very deeply in the soil of the region of Goiás in Brazil; A region well known for its powerful crystals with curative powers. To each of its crystals is associated a color corresponding to the seven main chakras. The quartz crystal is a powerful energy and healing amplifier with a high vibration rate. Energy flows where the body needs it. This device harmonizes, opens, unblocks and balances the chakras. It helps energy to circulate throughout the body, boosts and strengthens

the immune system, it permits the release of emotions, increases self-confidence, promotes positive attitudes …

It brings renewed energy, inner peace. Effective for physical, psychic, spiritual and emotional problems. It calms, relaxes, soothes anxiety and stress. It brings renewed energy, inner peace and reconnects with, among other things, its spiritual purpose. Finally, it allows a gentle body-mind reconnection.

The crystal bed is suitable for everyone. The experience is totally personal. Each person testifies to the different and unique results according to their needs, their physical condition and their level of consciousness.

A crystal bed sitting is safe and non-invasive.

Session of 20 or 30 minutes.

This appliance is certified by Joao de Deus (Abadiania, Brazil) for authorization to use the bed of Casa Dom Inácio.

Holistic Support

The holistic approach proposed for your well–‐being is not a substitute for official medicine. We never make a diagnosis and will never ask you to interrupt medical treatment in progress. Quite the opposite: we will ask you if you first consulted your physician and suggest you do so if necessary. The techniques used are natural and are an adjunct to all therapies. They are complementary. They serve as assistance.

Privacy Policy

The information (name, surname, address, intention, information, confidences etc) or other media (photos for example) that you may be required to provide will not be disseminated in any way.