It's a beautiful thig when a career

and a passion come together.

Oprah Winfrey

First tell yourself what you want to be, then do what it takes to become it.

Francine Guinois, B.Sc., CRIA

Francine Guinois de Klarté

Coach in Applied Neuroscience, Human Resources, Mediator, Hypnosis and Holistic Kinesiology practitioner

With more than 30 years of experience in management and human relations, Francine Guinois is passionate about personal and professional development along with all matters related to global health.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations, she is a certified coach in Applied Neuroscience, a mediator and is a member of l’Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés du Québec, as a CRIA. She is also a member of RITMA, a naturopathy association. She has other extensive professional training allowing her to offer her clients a wide array of services.

Francine offers her services as a coach and mediator. Her vision, listening skills, professional rigor and business sense make her a valuable ally. She can adapt her approach, helping and coaching leaders, managers and employees to be well aligned and thus have an impact on teams and results while having a healthy lifestyle.

She also has the experience and expertise to accompany any individual wishing to evolve personally or professionally.

Leader with integrity, bilingual, she combines her success with compassion, resilience and a desire to build genuine relationships with her clients.

Our values

Empathetic listening

Ability to understand the reality of the other with sensitivity, acuity, gentleness, respect, neutrality and kindness


Demonstrate honesty, ethics responsibility, honor and loyalty in our choices and actions

Faith in people

Absolute confidence in the abilities of every human being


Creating an environment where all people are respected equitably and have access to the same opportunities

Take into account the person in its entirety to accompany him/her in diverse awarenesses to find his/her essence and potential.