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Coaching is unlocking
a person's potential
to maximize their growth.



What is career, life coaching and conflict management?

Coaching support aims to realize potential through the development of resources or skills that are not in distress or absent but require special needs in terms of personal and / or professional achievement.

Taking the time to connect with who we are so that our professional (e.g. new career) or personal (e.g. family conflict) decisions align themselves with our authentic self.

Who can benefit from this method?

Anyone who desires assistance in different spheres such as:

Their Career:

  • Career change, Orientation
  • Skills assessment
  • Personal development plan
  • Career transition and / or professional reintegration support
  • Writing effective resumes
  • Job interview training
  • Personalized support for project / company start-up
  • Support for burnout
  • Management Coaching / Personal Effectiveness / Leadership
  • Preparation for retirement

Their Personal Life:

  • Concerns
  • Issues with children, one’s spouse, colleagues
  • Stress
  • Support during illness
  • Period of change
  • Sadness events
  • Work/life balance

Conflict Management:

  • To be in agreement with oneself and to say YES to oneself and to life
  • Preparing for an important conversation
  • Preparation for a negotiation
  • Preparation for a mediation meeting
  • Group facilitation in conflicts

What is our procedure?

  • Understanding your current reality, taking into account where you currently stand and understanding what enabled you to get there
  • Setting Goals
  • Discovering different ways of attaining the goals
  • Taking action

All this, through the use of various tools to raise awareness, arouse reflection, and create openness, a personal guide to accompany you, exchange ideas and concepts, validate approaches in a non-judgmental and safe environment.

The Klarté approach is not there to tell you what to do but rather to help you find your own answers. You are in charge of your transformation.

Insight. Action. Success.



Privacy Policy
The information (name, first name, address, intention, information, confidences etc.) or other media (photos for example) that you may be required to provide will not be disseminated in any way.

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