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The fact of the matter is
that our unconscious is wiser
than we are about everything.

Dr. Scott Peck

Holistic kinesiology

Holistic kinesiology is a simple and effective tool to connect to the unconscious.

Kinesiology was introduced by Dr. George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, in the late 1960s. He discovered the link between the muscles and the cellular memory of the body. He came to the realization that the muscle tone of a person weakens as soon as something disturbs it, in other words as soon as there is an energy imbalance or an emotional stress. He worked closely with acupuncturists and his research, supported by Chinese medicine, laid the foundations for Applied Kinesiology.

By testing muscular response, we question the body and through this process, we enter into a dialogue with our unconscious. The body knows everything, records everything and never lies…

Who can benefit from this method?

  • Any adult and children 12 years and older
  • Younger children accompanied by their parents or an adult guardian

What are its benefits for you?

Its simplicity. Actually.

  • Identifying, disentangling or transforming the unconscious sources of our emotional, energetic, physical and spiritual conflicts
  • Becoming more aware of our blockages thus enabling us to act freely
  • Refocusing on oneself, improving the quality of self-presence
  • Reclaiming power

What is our procedure?

At the beginning of the session, we have a complete and thorough discussion about what needs clarity in your life, whether on a personal or professional level. We also discuss your desired goals and, if necessary, we can help better target them.

Then we question the unconscious through the kinesiology test and a data bank that leads us to an understanding of the source of the problem.

Our answers simply await the light of our consciousness …

Awareness alone does an enormous amount of good and allows for a certain release.

If necessary, we continue to question the unconscious in search of the best tool to free, liberate and transform yourself.

All the answers are within us. It is necessary to relearn how to access this unlimited knowledge. Next, it is up to you to take action, because you clearly know how to go about this.

The human being is created to learn through experience, while he still persists in believing that everything is acquired without making an effort to understand. 

Insight.  Action.  Success.



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Holistic Support
The holistic approach proposed for your well–‐being is not a substitute for official medicine. We never make a diagnosis and will never ask you to interrupt medical treatment in progress. Quite the opposite: we will ask you if you first consulted your physician and suggest you do so if necessary. The techniques used are natural and are an adjunct to all therapies. They are complementary. They serve as assistance.
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The information (name, surname, address, intention, information, confidences etc) or other media (photos for example) that you may be required to provide will not be disseminated in any way.

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